Affordable Lending and Business Training to Grow Your Business.


Business Management Training

Building a successful business has many challenges. Accessing the capital you need just the first step. We will guide you on your journey through entrepreneurship ensuring you have the mentorship and training you need to succeed. We are proud of our loan loss rate of <4%, and we know this impressive achievement is due in part to the post funding support our clients receive.

One-on-One Coaching

Our team provides one-on-one coaching for business owners to provide advice specific to their unique business needs. Participation in an orientation session is required prior to setting up a one-on-one session. Please contact our office to schedule an appointment.

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Business Owner Roundtable

Our monthly roundtable sessions allow business owners to meet in a group setting, and is designed to deliver measurable results as the business owners’ management skills are enhanced, strengthened, and improved. Business owners are also supported in this training by a team of “BBIF Graduate Client” mentors.

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Online Training For Entrepreneurs

BBIF Florida has teamed up with the Kauffman Foundation to create targeted courses for entrepreneurs looking to turn their passion and dreams into actionable business plans. Students from the program build their business profile through the Business Management Program with the ultimate objective of funding their business.

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