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Average Cost of Office Printing

Average Cost of Office Printing

Many offices neglect to take into consideration the average cost of office printing when charging clients for office supplies and services. In fact, many companies do not know how many printers they have. Since printing is the third highest operating expense for offices, it does affect your bottom line if you don’t realize how much printing is going on.

How Much Does Each Office Worker Print?

How much each office worker prints depends on the type of office you have. Law firms who are in parts of the country where courts do not take advantage of digital file uploads have more than firms who are in an area where the courts use electronic filing. Some firms – law firms and other firms – print a new copy of a draft for each round of editing.

You can come to a pretty close number if you take into consideration the following costs:

  • Printer and/or copier rental or purchase
  • Toner
  • Maintenance parts/kit costs
  • Maintenance labor
  • Repair cost for parts
  • Repair cost for labor
  • Toner handling (labor for checking inventory, ordering toner, replacing toner)
  • Invoicing
  • Help desk

Cost Per Page Printed

To determine your costs per page printed, you’ll need to know how many pages your printer is capable of printing. If you have an $8,000 Xerox printer/copier that is expected to print or copy 400,000 pages over its lifetime, the cost per page is $0.02. Now you need to add the cost of the rest of the items on the list. If the toner is $120 and it print 9,600 pages, then each page is $0.0125 per page. Thus far, the total cost of printing one page is $0.03125 per page. Compute the rest of the per page costs from the above list to determine how much you should be charging for each copy.

Some firms charge clients a per-page fee for copies of documents, even if the client never sees those copies. Others may average the number of copies each client “uses” over the lifetime of the relationship with the firm. They may then add that to to total cost of services for the client.

Increase Your Bottom Line

Once you determine how much your employees are actually printing and for what reason, you can pass the cost of printing on to your customers and clients. To better manage this necessary average cost of office printing, contact Triangle Business Systems to discuss printers and copiers that use client codes. With client codes, you won’t have to rely on employees keeping track of the number of copies they print for each client – the copier and/or printer will do that for you.

You could also reduce and better manage copying costs by putting restrictions on employees. Obviously, this wouldn’t work in some professions, such as the legal profession, but in other professions that do not use as high a rate of printing and/or copying, restrictions would help your bottom line.

Additionally, a multifunction machine that prints, copies and scans would also allow you to start digitalizing your office. Scanning all mail that comes in instead of making copies for each employee involved in that matter and using email instead of paper memos also keep copying costs down.

Contact Triangle Business Systems

If you are starting a new office or you are ready to upgrade your printers and copiers, contact Triangle Business Systems to discuss your copying and printing needs. Choose from printers, multifunction machines and machines that do your counting for you. We also have black and white or color machines. We will help you determine which type of printer and/or copier is best for your office, and will help you get your copying and printing costs under control.

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